Impostor Assassin



Impostor Assassin is a newest spin-off version of the popular "Among Us" genre. Players in this multiplayer game are tasked with trying to identify an impostor among the crew members of a spaceship. The impostor must sabotage the ship and eliminate the crew members without being caught, while the crew members must complete tasks and identify the impostor before it's too late. Impostor Assassin typically features fast-paced, strategic gameplay, and encourages players to use their social deduction skills to outwit their opponents. It's a great game for players who enjoy multiplayer games that require strategy, deception, and teamwork. Remember, strategy, deception, and teamwork are key in Impostor Assassin. The impostor must be cunning and blend in with the crew, while the crew members must work together to identify and eliminate the impostor. Good luck!

How to play

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